Ed Epstein

is a predominant Swedish producer of high quality language courses for distribution on CD/MP3, as down-load, or as streaming media.

Recordings with actors, application of sound effects and music, pre- and final editing, post production, collaboration with publishers and distribution channels, etc. Taos Music facilitates a full project management.

The company has several years of experience in productions of language courses. Taos Music was founded in 1994 and we have worked constantly with such productions since then. The equipment is the best, including three of the best voice and speech microphones on the market: Neumann U87, Brauner VM-1/S and AKG C 12VR.

In addition to the portable system (Mac / Pro Tools), Taos Music own recording studio for voice and voice-over productions has everything needed to deliver high quality at a very attractive price. The studio is also Mac-based (dual 2.5 G5/Pro Tools).

Listen to a short extract from the textbook in English at secondary level "Skills and Experiences" by Folkuniversitetets förlag (People's University Publishing) in Lund:

Taos Music has produced, recorded, cut and post produced.
Taos Music has also composed and produced two short pieces of music that opens and concludes the book.

An international example in English is "The Great Fire" produced for the U.K. publishing house MacMillan. Taos Music/Ed Epstein carried out cutting, post production and mastering of this project.
Listen to a short extract from "The Great Fire":

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