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Visitors can download an audio guide of
the museum to a cell phone or MP3 player.

is a well known producer of high fidelity Audio Guides to museums, art galleries, outdoor museums, etc.

The audio guide is a supplement for those who want to tour the exhibition on their own, or are reluctant to read the displayed texts. Visitors can listen and get information without having to adjust to guided tour schedules, or when having a hearing problem in a crowded guided visitors group.
Audio guides can easily be produced by Taos Music in, for example, Swedish, Danish, English, German, French and Spanish or Italian.
Listen to a cut from an audio guide:

The audio guide can be enriched with short fictional elements (a "theatrical scene" in which various voices add life to an event), or personal stories from the past. Listen to a sample from a retired worker at a machine shop in Sweden, the story was recorded in the seventies:

Ed Epstein
To the left the QR-code for the URL
http://www.taosmusic.n.nu can be seen. In order
to use QR codes, the cell phones need a camera,
internet access and a QR-reader. If the cell does
not already have a QR reader is free and easy to

A museum could even have short audio guide of individual objects in the exhibition! The visitor downloads a audio guide covering the exhibit directly on the walk around with the help of a QR Code placed in a suitable position close to the POI.
The QR Code is simply a bar code that can be read and interpreted by the cell phone to a URL. The visitor take a photo of the QR Code and comes directly to a protected page on the museum's website, where a short audio guide covering the current guide point can be downloaded and then played back in their cell phone.

Ed Epstein

The audio guide from a guide point can also be spiced with sounds of exhibits in use. Listen to a recording of a diesel electric locomotive manufactured by NOHAB in Trollhättan, Sweden (press F5 to update if the player is not visible):

Ed Epstein

In an open air museum, the audio guide can provide the visitor with his own private guided tour of a building, or POI, at the site directly in his cell phone.
Instantly the information as a MP3 can by downloaded using a QR Code placed at a appropriate point in the building, or close to the POI.

Taos Music offers all aspects of the audio guide production at a very reasonable price.

Need motion pictures in the exhibition?

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