Ed Epstein

Ed moved from USA to Sweden in the early seventies, setteling first in Stockholm, where he played with Lars Beijbom's Small Potatoes (including Erling Kroner and Bertil Löfgren a/o). He later moved to Lund, in the south of Sweden.
Ed Epstein is a regular with Beijbom Kroner Big Band, co-leads Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Connection, and sits occasionally in with Niels Jørgen Steen's Monday Night Big Band.

An impressing list of recordings covers his thirty years in Sweden, an examples is the CD "Art of Survival" from the early nineties featuring his son, Peter Epstein, on saxes. Ed has written and arranged all the material on "Art of Survival".

Ed Epstein

Listen to "Trekvarts Blues", a cut from a brand new CD titled "Sign of Four", with the quartett REDS, featuring Bjarne Roupé, Dennis Drud, Göran Schelin and Ed Epstein.

Or listen to a cut from an up-coming recording titled "Forever Now", with Ed and Peter Epstein reunioned, featuring Ed on baritone and Peter on alto.

Ed Epstein

Listen to some of Ed's recordings on MySpace:


Ed Epstein plays soprano, alto, tenor and baritonesax. His arsenal of saxophones consists of: Soprano - Yamaha Custom YSS-875EX; Alto - Yamaha Custom YAS-82Z; Tenor - Selmer (Paris) Model 74 KBLTD "Kookaburra Collector" Reference 54; Baritone - Selmer (USA) Model 156A.

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